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Sygnet is a next-generation identity management tool for truly secure handling of user’s sensitive, personal data.

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Own Your Digital Self
Our mission

Sygnet allows users to have full control over their digital identity by radically changing the way identity works in the online world.

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Digital Identity re-invented

Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI)

Self-Sovereign Identity

Identity breaches and hacks

The current internet identity model, with its massive honeypots of corporate-stored personal data, is slowly running its course. Vast numbers of data breaches and hacks are proving this over and over again - we should not entrust sensitive personal data to third parties, regardless of their intent, scale or technical capabilities.

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Our solution is SSI

Enter SSI, the closest digital sibling to the kind of identity we used to have before our lives migrated online. Manifesting only in distinct user’s interactions, SSI effects only you and the person or entity you interact with - no intermediaries ever hold or administrate your data.

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SSI in details

The missing layer
of the Internet

It is quite baffling how we have managed to get to this stage without a transparent, functional internet identity layer. The trade-off to that is a patchwork of centralized silos holding millions of identity records, managed behind closed doors with very little accountability. This data is regularly traded and monetized without our consent.

What is worse, however, is the sheer amount of data theft and leakage this model provokes. Each and every silo (apps, SM accounts etc) has to be guarded separately which, given the numbers at hand, proves impossible.

SSI flips this model
upside down

The user becomes the custodian and sole administrator of his/hers identity and can reveal parts of it when needed, much like using paper documents we would carry around in the non-digital domain.

Thus, SSI allows you to claim something to be true and then prove it with the signature of a trusted third-party.

SSI offers digital identity
with these characteristics:

It protects your privacy

You reveal only what is needed, and do it P2P.

It's safe

You're no longer affected by mass-scale data leaks

truly yours
It's truly yours

Nobody can take your identity away from you

See possible use cases

Possible SSI
use cases

Digital receipts
Digital receipts

Documents issued by shops and transferred directly to the consumers.

Efficient KYC

While purchasing tickets to prevent frauds and price speculations.

Instant user identification
Instant user identification

Unforgeable user identification while contacting a service (e.g. a bank) via telephone.

Data processing consent
Data processing consent

Managing your consent to personal data processing, as required by GDPR.

Glimpse into the future

Digital Receipts


Within a couple of years receipts will be digitalized

The question is: how will it happen? Our shopping history contains very precious data. Will this data be stored in a third party database or will it be under your control?

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Benefits of e-receipts

We use the SSI paradigm to digitalize receipts in a way that utilizes the data contained in them but without compromising the consumer's privacy.

Consumers are happy because their receipts are secure and handy.


Shops are happy because their loyalty programs become easy.

The State
The State

The State is happy because more receipts mean less tax frauds.

Where it all leads us

Growth potential

Digital receipts, when done in the SSI paradigm, are just a first step in the process of building a much bigger system.
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Growth potential
Monetize Yourself

The current trade-off between privacy and convenience is no longer needed. You can have both - and you can sell your data on your terms.

SSI Agent

Artificial Intelligence that works strictly on behalf and in the interest of the user. AI is meant to serve you and if it fails, you can easily replace it.

Intentions Matching

Evolution into a comprehensive system of digital identity that also includes expressing and matching people's intentions.

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