Sygnet Road Map

Major steps and milestones

Road Map

We know that being a developer is hard, and bulding on a platform is not a decision to be made lightly. Many platforms have burned developers and we frequently see that risk hightlighted. This is our response.

December 2018
Market research
March 2019
Core team built with vision and mission
April 2019
Mobile App development started
IEO model research and planning
July 2019
Website design and optimization
Basic App - available for alfa testers
White paper
August 2019
Proof of Concept
Live App for testing
Available for beta tester
Tested by selected professionals
Collecting data from feedback and implementing optimization
Token private sale
Road show
September 2019
Token Presale
Marketing Campaign
App Promotion
October 2019
Fully tested app available on App Stores (Google/iOS)
Fully tested integration with POS systems
Integration with online advertising agencies
Token IEO
Q1 2020
System implementation with brick-and-mortar retailers
Q2 2020
AI integration
Autonomous Economic Agent

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