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Sygnet allows users to have full control over their digital identity by radically changing the way identity works in the online world.

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Jakub Zarembinski
CEO, responsible for bussines solution and project execution
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Entrepreneur, DLT consultant & researcher. Capable programmer specializing in Java and R. Over 12 years of experience, including 7 years with the banking sector. Expert in IT and business, especially in the domain of blockchain development and machine learning. Early adopter of BitShares, Steem and EOS.
Radoslaw Kintzi
CTO, responsible for technical architecture
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Full stack developer, having led and trained teams in a demanding software house environments. Over 18 years of experience in software development backed by a passion since childhood. Served many technical roles. Focused on building dev teams, a culture of continuous self-perfecting and robust software.
Kamil Jaczewski
CCO, responsible for business development
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Manager and analyst with various experience in blockchain space, working as Business Development Director in the Polish Blockchain Technology Accelerator. Workgroup member of the "Blockchain and digital currencies" at the Ministry of Digital Affairs, member of the Blockchain Technology Center.
Anna Kurpas
CMO, responsible for startegy and comunications
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Specializing in public relations and project management. A certified member of IPMA. Delivers creative solutions based on business insight and visual artistic skills. Experienced art director. Has worked for the "Visions of Blockchain" magazine and film industry.
Bartosz Gasztych
Mobile development
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Android developer and Linux enthusiast. Professionally involved in developing and designing Android apps since 2016. Worked with different technologies stack (Android, Java, Kotlin, C++, embedded devices). Recently focused on developing cross platform mobile applications.
Daniel Guma
Backend development
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Web / backend developer with experience in Python and JavaScript. Previously worked in a big corporation as well in small startups on projects associated with AI and the latest technology. Currently focused on improving his backend skills and pushing his knowledge limits further.

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